Do You Know How Hydraulic Hose Manufacturer Make Production In Factory

Evergood Hydraulic Hose Factory Will Strictly Test Hydraulic Hose Before Production

Do you know what factors affect the quality of hydraulic hoses? As an experienced hydraulic hose factory, Evergood will help you get the answer.

First of all, the raw rubber of a good hydraulic hose must meet international standards. This is also the first step in Evergood hydraulic hose R&D center to check the quality of raw rubber. In hydraulic hose manufacturing process, we will regard three tests as important factors. Pls check the following.

evergood hydraulic hose factory make rubber test

evergood hydraulic hose manufacturer do rubber test in factory

For example, the wear resistance of hydraulic hose largely determines the life of the outer rubber. Good rubber tension can prevent the hydraulic hose pipe from cracking and oil leaking to a certain extent. The adhesive force of hydraulic hose rubber can make the steel wire layer, inner rube layer and outer tube tightly bond, which is the key detection to prevent the hydraulic hose from leaking. The problem that we often encounter the separation among the steel wire, inner tube and outer tube, is mainly because of the unqualified rubber adhesion. In Evergood hydraulic hose factory, all hydraulic pipes has compact hose structure and no leaking.

evergood hydraulic hose factory produce flexible hydraulic pipes

Of course there are also many other factors can affect hydraulic hose quality. As a professional hydraulic hose factory, Evergood will strictly test every factor of raw materials. Only after they reach international hydraulic hose standard, we can make them into bulk production!

Evergood Hydraulic Hose Factory Will Make Burst Test After Production

Can the hydraulic hose be shipped directly after it is produced? of course not. Evergood hydraulic hose factory will make burst test randomly in bulk hydraulic hose. Burst test pressure is at least 4 times working pressure.Any signs of leakage, bulging, coupling ejection or hose burst below the specified minimum rated burst pressure of the assembly are considered a failure. Once find failure hose, Evergood factory will check all hydraulic hose and make up order until all hydraulic hose is qualified.

evergood hydraulic hose manufacturer make burst test in factory

Evergood Hydraulic Hose manufacturer Will Make Impulse Test After Production

After doing above tests, Evergood need to check the service life of the hydraulic pipes after production.

Impulse testing is one of the key predictions for the life of hydraulic hoses. In Evergood hydraulic hose factory, to pass the test, the hose must meet or exceed twice the minimum number of pulse cycles based on industry standards. The general industry standard pulse is 200,000 cycles, while Evergood hydraulic hose can reach 1 million cycles, which is far higher than the industry standard. 

evergood hydraulic hose factory make impulse test

Evergood is a hydraulic hose factory with 15 years of production experience. Because of our strict quality control, Evergood's hose quality and service have been unanimously recognized by customers. If you are looking for a reliable hydraulic hose manufacturer, welcome contact us.