Best industrial Hose Supplier wholesale Marine Hose with Good Price in China


Evergood is a professional industrial hose supplier wholesale marine dredging hose, marine floating hose, marine oil hose, etc.

Our quality marine hose is highly resistant to toilet chemicals, odor permeation, ozone, salt water, heat, etc. As a leading industrial hose supplier, Evergood offer best price with high quality to help marine industry.

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150 PSI Oil Suction Discharge Hose
high-quality 150 PSI oil suction discharge Hose is super resistant to all types of petroleum and blended products, aromatic content up to 50%. Its inner lining is smooth, and it is homogenous in thickness and totally resistant to air blisters, porosity, and splits. 
300 PSI Oil Suction Discharge Hose Pipe
Superior 300PSI oil suction and discharge hose developed for filling applications with hydrocarbon fuels and mineral oils having an aromatic content of maximum 50% by volum. High quality inner tube has super resistance to oils, air blisters, porosity, splits, etc.