Braided Hydraulic Hose Bulk Sale in High Quality With Cheap Price

Braided Hydraulic Hose

Evergood factory is ranked top in hydraulic hose suppliers, Which is mainly produce bulk orders by 100% new brands.  Evergood Braided hydraulic hose is mainly constructed by following 3 parts: 

1. 100% oil-resistant inner cores

2. high tensile braided steel wire

3. weather, ozone resistant and abrasive outer covers

Evergood braided hydraulic hose is made by high quality materials and can safely transfer various pressure by SAE and DIN international standards, including:

One-Wire Braided Hydraulic Hose

SEA100 R1 AT/ DIN EN 853 1SN

DIN EN 857 1SC

SAE 100 R17

SAE 100 R5

Wire braid steam hose

Two-Wire Braided Hydraulic Hose

SEA100 R2 AT/ DIN EN 853 2SN

DIN EN 857 2SC

SAE 100 R16

Textile Braid Hydraulic Hose

SAE 100 R3

SAE 100 R6

Evergood braided hydraulic hose has a full size range from 3/16” to 3”, depending on grade; temperature range from -50℃ to 210℃. And all of them meet ISO, SGS, MSHA standards. Evergood company can almost meet all clients' requests with competitive prices at the same quality level!

Braided Thermoplastic hydraulic hose

SAE 100 R7

SAE 100 R8

Jack hose

Paint spray hose

Hydraulic Hose Supply DIN EN853 1SN / SAE 100 R1AT
Leading wire braided hydraulic hose manufacturer in china supports custom hydraulic hose for sae 100 r1 at /en 853 1sn. Compact hose structure can reduce risk of hose leaking and no more worries about how to repair it. Just need 20-35days to ship by sea in Aisa market. Here you can find a best hydraulic hose manufacturer with resonable price and superior quality.
Non Conductive Hydraulic Hose
Evergood factory produce quality non conductive hydraulic hose to transport petroleum-based, water-based, and synthetic hydraulic fluids without a risk of conducting electricity. And they often feature an orange or other non-black cover. And the conductivity should be less than 50 micro-amps leakage to ensure safety.
Hydraulic hose manufacturer
Evergood is a top ranked hydraulic hose manufacturer in China, which has it's own rubber mixing workshop to ensure every meter of hydraulic hose is stabely high quality. Evergood only use 100% new natural rubber to make production. Recycled rubber is not allowed and never use it. If you want to buy good quality hydraulic hose, please contact Evergood hose factory!
Factory Made Paint Spray Hose
Want to buy quality paint spray hose directly from the factory? Here Evergood company can supply you 3600 PSI Paint Spray hose without safety worries. Strong high tensile fiber can easily burden the pressure and perfectly works! Contact us soon to get the newest price!