what is hydraulic hose

Hydraulic Hose Definition

A hydraulic hose conveys hydraulic fluid to or between hydraulic components.Components include valves, tools, and actuators. Hydraulic hose is usually flexible and reinforced.Hose is often made up of several layers of reinforcement. This is necessary because hydraulic systems operate at high pressures.

Hydraulic Hose Construction

Most hydraulic hose consists of three main parts. They have an inner tube to carry the fluid. Next is a reinforcement layer, followed by a protective outer layer.The inner tube is flexible and compatible with the fluid it will carry. A common compound is a combination of synthetic rubber, thermoplastics, and PTFE (Teflon).

The reinforcement layer has multiple sheaths. The sheaths include spiral-wound wire, braided wire, or textile yarn. There are single wire layer, 2-wire layer, 4 wire sprial and 6 wire spiral enforcement.The outer layer is often resistant to abrasion, oil, or weather, depending on its intended use.

Hydraulic Hose Standards

hydraulic hose construction and performance is covered by various national and international standards including ISO, BSI, SAE, DIN, API, and CETOP. Most proprietary hoses conform to one standard or another, the SAE standards being the most widely followed in the U.S. SAE standards provide general, dimensional, and performance specifications for the most common hoses used in hydraulic systems on mobile and stationary equipment.For decades, SAE J517 has published guidelines for 100R1 through 100R12 series hydraulic hoses. These manufacturer-driven SAE standards have been based on design, construction, and pressure ratings to ensure that hydraulic hoses meet minimum construction requirements.

SAE established minimum pressure ratings for various hoses (inside diameters and were later revised to also include constant-pressure hoses, which are hoses that maintain pressure ratings within a group regardless of size). Some common constant-pressure hoses are R13, R15, R17 and R19.

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