225 PSI Oil Suction Discharge Hose
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225 PSI Oil Suction Discharge Hose

Very flexible and lightweight 225 PSI oil resistant suction and discharge hose for use in tank truck and other general industrial fluid transfer operations. 100% good resistant to oils, air blisters, porosity, splits, etc.

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225 PSI Oil Suction Discharge Hose Structure

  • Tube: Black,smooth,Nitrile rubber
  • Reinforcement: Multi plies high strength synthetic fabric, helix steel wire and copper wire
  • Cover: Black, wrapped surface, CR synthetic rubber
  • Temperature:-20°C to +80°C 

Best 225 PSI oil resistant suction and discharge hose with high-quality rubber inner lining which makes it highly resistant to all types of petroleum and blended products. Its inner lining is smooth, and it is homogenous in thickness and totally resistant to air blisters, porosity, and splits.  225 PSI oil suction and discharge hoses have strong and sturdy plies (rubber) which are impregnated with woven textile that has helically embedded steel wire.

Moreover, a strand of copper wire is placed in between the reinforcement plies primarily to make sure that there is electrical continuity. 

225 PSI Oil Suction Discharge Hose Application

225 PSI oil suction and discharge hose is widely used in Automotive & Industrial applications requiring chemical resistance. Recommended for transfer of aromatic content up to 50% or non aromatic hydrocarbon fluids. Typical applications include fuel and lubricant transfer, gas transmission lines, gasoline and petrochemical pipes. It has good general industrial properties.

225 PSI Oil Suction Discharge Hose Characteristic

  1. highly resistant to oil
  2. Strong impact-resistant
  3. Fine abrasion-resistant
  4. Tough weather-resistant
  5. Tough ozone-resistant
  6. Having good flexibility and easy to operation

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