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Smooth Hydraulic Hose Pipe SAE 100 R1AT EN 853 1SN

Wire braided Smooth Hydraulic Hose SAE 100 R1AT / 1SN, Good Flexibility, Anti-Onzone, Anti-abrasion. Support OEM & ODM with Best Price.

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Smooth Hydraulic Hose Pipe SAE 100 R1AT EN 853 1SN

Smooth Hydraulic Hose R1AT / 1SN Constructure

Hose Tube: black, oil resistant synthetic rubber.

Reinforcement: one wire braid high tensile steel wire.

Cover: Snooth, black, oil and abrasion resistant synthetic rubber.

Temperature Range: -40 °C to +100 °C (-40 °F to +212 °F).

Smooth Hydraulic Hose R1AT / 1SN Specification

Ozone is a colorless gas found in our atmosphere and often concentrated around electrical equipment, welders and lighting. Ozone can react with materials and cause small cracks, which can over time lead to a hydraulic hose cover performance issue. Material development or selection is important for limiting cracks, but cracks will appear due to a change in the surface shape. Look at your tires as an example. Cracks generally start near the brand lettering on a tire because it is easier for a crack to initiate in those areas. Given that a wrapped hydraulic hose cover has surface changes and a smooth cover hydraulic hose does not, all things being equal, a smooth hose cover should be more resistant to cracking caused by ozone exposure.Wire Braided Smooth Hydraulic Hose SAE 100 R1 AT / 1SN Advantage

Flexible Smooth Hydraulic Hose SAE 100 R1AT / 1SN-OEM Color

SAE 100 R1AT/ 1SN hydraulic hose has small bend radius and supports custom hydraulic hose color.

hydraulic hose assembly

best price 3/8 in hydraulic rubber hose

Smooth Hydraulic Hose SAE 100 R1AT / 1SN Cut Surface

SAE 100 R1AT/ 1SN has uniform wall thickness and compact high tensile Steel wire

Red middle rubber and black middle rubber for your choice.

best price 1/4 inch hydraulic pipe

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